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Intelligent Systems for Earth Data

ORBTL•AI is a full service geospatial machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) firm that extracts actionable information from your environmental or engineering data.


Data Curation through Active Learning

Active Learning (also called Human-in-the-Loop Learning) is a machine learning methodology that leverages the speed of computers against human expertise to rapidly curate high-quality data sets for ML/AI applications!

Geospatial Data Analytics with Open Source

Open source software’s code base is distributed free and wide, at no cost to end users. ORBTL•AI is committed to sustainability in all facets of operation. Therefore, we build exclusively with open source software, which allows our code to be reused, recycled, and remixed… forever.

Flexible Deployment with APIs.

An API allows computer programs to be bundled and documented. This allows the programs to be installed anywhere- either on your hardware or ours! Moreover, APIs can be rapidly scaled to run on any computer; from your daily-driver laptop to a high-capacity cloud computer!